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AVADirect Featured Builds (Showroom)

Visit our gallery of featured custom computer systems configured by actual customers and built by us:

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Request your completed system to be featured in our showroom and enjoy the "eye candy" before it ships ...

ASUS Powered Custom Computers

Your Perfect PC
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Best Components
Powered by ASUS is your assurance that ASUS components you select for your AVADirect custom PC deliver the highest levels of performance, quality and reliability.
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Need more information about ASUS Powered Custom Computers?

If you need more detailed information about ASUS Powered Custom Computers please do not hesitate to call us at 1-866-766-4629 for assistance over the phone! Also available is our live chat support, or, for questions which are not time critical, one can always use our support contact form! We here at AVADirect understand there is a growing need in our industry for expert advice. This is especially true when configuring computing solutions and we are proud to have a staff of extremely knowledgeable consultants. These experts are always ready to assist our customers with any questions they may have regarding the latest in information technology.

AVADirect, the advantage of Custom Computing:

A buyer choosing AVADirect Custom Computers as a provider for their technology needs will see we have extremely competitive pricing right away, but there are other advantages which may not be so obvious. We offer lifetime, toll free technical support, and an inclusive, three year warranty for our custom systems. Our expert assemblers give each machine we build the personal attention required to make a system special. Our custom configurations are not just more run-of-the-mill assembly line PCs, and unlike many competitors, we dedicate time and effort to make each one shine. Using an extensive and rigorous testing regimen, we ensure that every computer shipped is as reliable and trouble-free as possible.

Related Product Categories

Tower Gaming PC

AVADirect custom gaming computers are designed for the enthusiast gamers who want maximum customization and the best available selection of high-performance PC components for their gaming rigs. AVADirect's broadest selection of computer customization options includes liquid and thermoelectric cooling, custom paint, custom wiring, custom case lighting, safe and stable expert overclocking.

Socket 1155 Sandy Bridge Desktop PC

AVADirect Desktop Computer Systems based upon 2nd generation Sandy Bridge Intel® Core™ i7, Core™ i5 and Core™ i3 processors offer improved performance and new features for enthusiast and mainstream computer users. This platform comes complete with quad-core processors with up to 8 threads, DDR3 dual-channel memory, NVIDIA® SLI® and ATI CrossFireX™ multi-GPU technologies support, and other performance options.


Pedestal and Tower Xeon Servers Socket 2011

AVADirect Pedestal and Tower Custom Servers are based on a 5U design which allows for silent yet powerful performance. These systems can be used as either standalone servers or powerful workstations with support for almost any expansion.

2U Rack Xeon Servers Socket 2011

AVADirect 2U Rack Custom Servers are 3.5" in height and are designed for dense computational and storage requirements. These systems are perfect for file storage, web hosting, and other high-data usage applications.


Branded Gaming Notebooks

Prepare for an uncompromised realism without the boundaries of mobile form factor. AVADirect offers you a roll of absolute champions in gaming portables featuring winning combos of powerful CPU, hardcore GPU and abundant RAM to make sure all the latest titles can be played as intended. Choose a pre-built base model and tune it up to your higher than standard demands. Your perfectly tuned custom laptop will still have the same warranty protection and will be backed up by excellent AVADirect customer support.

Related Products
GAMING PC, Powered By ASUS Core™ i7 X79 2-way SLI® / CrossFireX™ Custom Gaming System
Powered By ASUS Core™ i7 X79 2-way SLI® / CrossFireX™ Custom Gaming System

Created to satisfy aspirations of the most discerning gamers and enthusiasts, AVADirect's Powered by ASUS X79 gaming PC configurator lets you build an ultimate performance machine based on the world's best gaming motherboards and powerful graphics cards from ASUS, along with Intel® Core™ i7 server class processors, and quad-channel memory, that is

GAMING PC, Powered By ASUS Core™ i7 Z97 2-way SLI® / CrossFireX™ Custom Gaming System
Powered By ASUS Core™ i7 Z97 2-way SLI® / CrossFireX™ Custom Gaming System

Engineered to provide super stable precisely controllable performance, and breathtaking gaming experience 'Powered by ASUS Z97' gaming solution is built on brilliantly innovative components preeminently designed by ASUS with extreme gamers and passionate overclockers in mind.

HTPC, Powered By ASUS Core™ i7 Z97 Desktop Home Theater Computer System
Powered By ASUS Core™ i7 Z97 Desktop Home Theater Computer System

Turn your computer into the real home theater appliance. Enjoy watching TV, Blu-ray or family photos on our latest state of the art Powered By ASUS Core™ i7 Z97 Desktop Media Center PC.

2U RACK SERVER, ASUS® RS720-X7/RS8 Dual Xeon® SATA Series Server System
ASUS® RS720-X7/RS8 Dual Xeon® SATA Series Server System

Based on the Intel® E5-2600 processor, the ASUS RS720-X7/RS8 offers customers assured quality of service with high memory capacity, outstanding power efficiency and quad LAN. It also enables comprehensive server management and flexible RAID, offering functional integration that makes it an excellent all-round choice for any IT application.

TOWER SERVER, ASUS® TS700-E7/RS8 Dual Xeon® SATA Series Workstation
ASUS® TS700-E7/RS8 Dual Xeon® SATA Series Workstation

The ASUS TS700-E7/RS8 is designed for dual use as a high performance server and workstation, support for graphics cards and MIO audio cards, and cost-effective maintenance. It features green principles with high power efficiency, plus support for PIKE and ASWM management. These make it an ideal choice for growing businesses and individual users.

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