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NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI Graphics CardIs the 1080 TI the new Titan?
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NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI Graphics Card NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI Graphics Card
Is the 1080 TI the new Titan?

The GTX 1080 TI may very well be the new Titan of the GPU industry, at least when it comes to speed. Released in early March with 11 GB of 11 Gbps DDR5X VRAM, the 1080 TI destroys the 1080 and gives the 12 GB of 10 Gbps DDR5x VRAM Titan X Pascal a run for its money.

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PAX East 2017 PAX East 2017
PAX East 2017 Journal

Boston held this year’s 2017 PAX East event the weekend of March 10-12. For those of you who don’t know what PAX is, it is a gaming convention called a celebration of gaming culture.

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Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch, Is it Worth it?

Since Nintendo is one of the biggest names in gaming, we decided to look at their newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has been a staple of the gaming world for years and constantly put out some of the best games and most loved characters.

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Macro Gaming Advantage Macro Gaming Advantage
Macro Gaming

There are many benefits to macro gaming when playing League of Legends, World of War craft, and Starcraft II for some examples. You can achieve macro gaming with gaming mice or gaming keyboards.

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twitch twitch
3 Favorite Twitch Moments

For years and years, people have packed into stadiums and bars to watch their favorite sports teams or performers. With the rise of the video game industry and esports, professional players needed a platform to showcase their skills and fans needed a place to watch.

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WIFI Router WIFI Router
Wi-Fi Routers with Built in Anti-Virus

You may never have to buy Anti-Virus software again depending on what router you use at home. Companies are now adding Anti-Virus software to their routers to help you protect yourself from hackers.

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Ultimate Gaming Expirience Ultimate Gaming Expirience
Become the Ultimate Gamer of 2017

Start your gaming out right with a new headset to enhance your true experience to the next level. There are numerous options out there and so many options to choose. With so many options, the real question is; What do you need?

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Intel Core i7 vs Xeon Intel Core i7 vs Xeon
Intel Core i7 vs Xeon

One of the most common questions that we receive when configuring a high end custom PC is whether to go with a Core I7 or a comparable Xeon processor. What is really the difference between an I7 and Xeon, and why does it seem so hard to choose between the two?

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