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HPC Personal Supercomputer Tyan B7015F72V2 Nehalem Westmere Dual Xeon® SATA Series 4U Tesla™ HPC Personal Supercomputer

Tyan B7015F72V2 Nehalem Westmere Dual Xeon® SATA Series 4U Tesla™ HPC Personal Supercomputer
Item Code: HPC-TYN-B7015F72V2
This hpc personal supercomputer is discontinued and is shown for informational purposes only.
Note: The picture shown is for information purposes only. Visual appearance of the product depends on selected configuration and may vary from the picture.

HPC Personal Supercomputer Info

Based on the revolutionary NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel computing architecture, and powered by up to 3584 parallel processing cores (8 Tesla™ cards), Xeon™ 5600 / 5500 series NVIDIA® Tesla™ Personal Supercomputer is ideal for power users, every computational researcher and technical professional.

This supercomputing system is the ideal solution for scientific and engineering computing, large format media encoding, 3D and 2D rendering, and other highly parallel tasks.  Using a new programming language, CUDA, based upon the popular C programming language, creating applications to take advantage of this performance is relatively easy.  With more and more applications coming to market utilizing this technology, there will be something for you to use now.

Some of the features of this system include:

  • Support for the highest performing Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Support for up to 144GB of high-speed DDR3 memory
  • Up to 8 Tesla C1060 or C2050 compute modules and 1 Quadro compute and display module
  • Up to 2 SATA 3Gb/s hard drives in RAID 0, 1

NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology

NVIDIA® CUDA™ is a general purpose parallel computing architecture that leverages the parallel compute engine in NVIDIA® graphics processing units (GPUs) to solve many complex computational problems in a fraction of the time required on a CPU. With over 100 million CUDA-enabled GPUs, thousands of software developers are already using the free CUDA software development tools to solve problems in a variety of professional and home applications – from video and audio processing and physics simulations, to oil and gas exploration, product design, medical imaging, and scientific research

Note: For full specifications see server platforms details.

Customize it for your needs

We offer an extensive selection of computer components through the convenient system configurators allowing to build broad spectrum of custom server systems up to the highly redundant and high-performance solutions. Starting configurations of our server systems include server platform (or separate server chassis and motherboard), CPU, memory, hard drive and in some cases optical and floppy drives. By using the configurator located in this page you can upgrade and downgrade components to fit this purchase into your budget and requirements. Besides the configurator, you can also add other components to your cart and we will install them as well. Our custom server systems come assembled and tested with warranty.

Build Your Own HPC Personal Supercomputer

click for more info Socket 1366 4U Rack and Pedestal Server Platforms:
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