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    Home : Computer Hardware : Processors : Socket AM3 Desktop Processors :

    AMD Athlon™ II X2 5200+ Dual-Core 2.3GHz, AM3, HT 4000MHz, 2x 512KB L2 cache, 65W, 45nm, OEM

    Athlon™ II X2 5200+ Dual-Core 2.3GHz, AM3, HT 4000MHz, 2x 512KB L2 cache, 65W, 45nm, OEM
    Mfg. Part No. AD5200OCK22GM
    Item Code. CPU-AMD-AD5200OCK22GM
    This items is not available and is shown for informational purposes only


    AMD Athlon™ II X2 Dual-Core Processors

    Do more of the things you want to in less time and enhance your digital life with the multi-core performance and energy efficiency of AMD Athlon™ II processor-based desktop systems. Combined with superior ATI Radeon™ HD graphics technology, systems based on the AMD Athlon™ II processor deliver a vivid visual experience, superior multi-tasking, and exceptional digital media performance with next-generation energy efficiency.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Better Multi-Tasking Means Increased Office Productivity
    • Setting the Pace in Digital Media
    • Get more Power using less Power
    • AMD PowerNow!™ Technology (Cool’n’Quiet™ Technology)
    • AMD64 Technology
    • Enhanced Virus Protection*
    • AMD Athlon Processor Architecture Performance
    • HyperTransport™ Technology
    • Ready for the 64-bit future

    Exceptional Performance

    • Do more in less time and take advantage of true multi-core performance and true multitasking capability
    • Get a PC experience optimized to deliver the benefits of the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system
    • Convert music, HD video, and other media fast2,4
    • Manage all your home media files and run the software you need to create, share, and enjoy your media2,4

    Get superior performance and enjoyment from your PC experience with next generation processor technology for hassle free, efficient computing

    • With next-generation processor technology you can enjoy superior application performance
    • Convert music and HD video fast2,4
    • Get superior performance on many of today’s most popular applications for an amazing experience
    • Enjoy a responsive PC with next-generation AMD Direct Connect Architecture

    Get Microsoft® Windows® 7 support, optimized to deliver the benefits of Microsoft’s latest OS7

    • Windows® 7 is optimized for AMD Athlon™ II processors, enabling a fast and responsive PC
    • Experience a simple and engaging everyday PC experience with Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system
    • Windows® 7 is tuned to make the most out of the power management features, such as AMD PowerNow!™ 3.0 Technology, which are built into AMD Athlon™ II processors
    • For consumers who want additional features, Microsoft® recommends Windows® 7 Professional operating system

    Stay connected to your friends, family, and even your online digital media

    Browse the Internet, send email, run programs, watch movies, and play multiplayer games2,5

    • Let the AMD Fusion Media Explorer bring your media to life as you share and explore cherished memories
    • Talk to friends and family through Internet telephone and Skype2,5
    • Chat online and share with friends on social networking websites like Facebook2,5
    • Transfer your media quickly to notebooks, smart phones, and portable media players2,4

    Manage all your media files and run the software you need to create, share, and enjoy your media, and connect your gadgets. Watch live TV or record and play back movies, TV, and music from your hard drive 2,3,4

    • Listen to music or watch live and recorded TV, DVDs, photos, and more3,4
    • Stream music and HD video1,2
    • Create music and convert HD video files for playback on iPod and other portable media players2,4
    • See, create, and share online photos, music, and videos4
    • Record music, movies, and TV programs to your hard drive3,4
    • View, edit, and print digital photos and images2


    • Take advantage of energy efficiency you’ll feel good about for a green, cool, and quiet PC experience
    • Save energy, get the most out of your budget, and help reduce heat and noise to reduce the environmental impact of your PC
    • Enjoy performance on demand when you need it and power savings when you don’t using next-generation AMD desktop power management technologies
    • Get improvements over previous-generation AMD Athlon™ II processors: slash your power consumption by up to 50% when doing basic tasks, 40% when running heavy load, and 50% when idle6
    • Conserve with Energy Star® 5.0-compliant, idle-power improvements such as low core voltages and enhanced cache power management

    Enjoy a superior desktop experience. Get the most out of your budget with energy efficiency you’ll feel good about for a green, cool, and quiet PC experience

    • Enjoy a cool, quiet, and green PC experience
    • Enjoy your PC with confidence knowing you’re using cutting-edge, energy-efficient technologies that use low power and help reduce environmental impact
    • Help reduce heat and noise
    • Help extend the life of your system with AMD PowerNow!™ 3.0 Technology, which manages power consumption and helps maximizes performance
    • Enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency

    Enjoy your PC and be energy efficient with next-generation AMD power management technologies

    • AMD PowerNow!™ 3.0 technology can enable dramatic power management improvements, automatically, with virtually no noticeable performance impact with efficient 45nm multi-core design, superior power management, and additional performance states
      • Cool‘n’Quiet™ Technology – Optimized performance states help save energy while minimizing the latency and overhead of power management. The processor can efficiently respond to user demands, maximizing performance to deliver a superior PC user experience
      • AMD CoolCore™ Technology automatically reduces processor energy consumption by dynamically activating or turning off parts of the processor
      • AMD Smart Fetch Technology enables processor cores to share data before entering a halting state so active cores don’t have to activate to retrieve data
      • Dual Dynamic Power Management™ – helps improve platform efficiency by providing on demand memory performance while enabling decreased system power consumption
      • Multi-Point Thermal Control helps reduce speed and heat when temperature exceeds predefined limits, enabling a cool and quiet PC experience

    Take full advantage of amazing energy efficiency that uses less power than the previous generation of AMD Athlon™ processors, and enjoy environmentally friendly, energy-efficient performance. Use your PC with confidence knowing you’re using cutting-edge green technologies that use low power and help reduce environmental impact

    • Use up to 40% less energy when running heavy loads like playing the latest 3D PC games or rendering HD content6
    • Slash power consumption by up to 50% when doing basic PC tasks like browsing the Internet or checking email6
    • Enjoy significant power savings under light processor loads, or even while running applications in high definition
    • Get up to 50% power savings during idle6 with low core voltages and enhanced cache power management
    • Get Energy Star® 5.0-compliant, idle-power improvements with low core voltages and enhanced cache power management


    Processor AMD Athlon™ X2
    Model 5200+
    OPN Tray AD5200OCK22GM
    OPN PIB  
    Operating Mode 32 Bit Yes
    Operating Mode 64 Bit Yes
    Revision C3
    Core Speed (MHz) 2300
    Voltages 0.950-1.40V
    Max Temps (C) 74
    Wattage 65 W
    Virtualization Yes
    L1 Cache Size (KB) 128
    L1 Cache Count 2
    L2 Cache Size (KB) 512
    L2 Cache Count 2
    L3 Cache Size (KB)  
    CMOS 45nm SOI
    Socket AM3
    AMD Business Class No
    Black Edition No

    About AMD

    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (abbreviated AMD; NYSE: AMD) is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, California, that develops computer processors and related technologies for commercial and consumer markets. Its main products include microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors for servers, workstations and personal computers, and processor technologies for handheld devices, digital television, and game consoles.

    AVADirect Custom Computers is Authorized AMD Reseller and System Ingerator

    Partnership with leading hardware suppliers provides AVADirect great benefits of lower pricing, enhanced technical support and prioritized new product delivery to make sure that our customers always get the latest technology and the best value. Being partnered with many quality hardware suppliers in the industry, we at AVADirect are proud to inform that we were recognized as an authorized AMD reseller and system integrator.

    We offer a complete line of AMD products on our website available either as components in custom computer builds or as separate off-the-shelf parts, the product lines we offer consist of AMD Server Processors, AMD Desktop Processors, AMD Graphics Cards, AMD Desktop PCs, AMD Gaming PCs, AMD Servers, and other products. You can also browse all AMD products.


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