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AVADirect Core i7 GT3 Slim Portable Value PC Review
"The GT3 is based on Intel's 2.66GHz Core i7 920 processor. It's a fine CPU in its own right, as it ultimately allows the system to reach one of the stronger plateaus of performance in the value PC category. The GT3's score of 125 easily places it among the top-performing value PCs we've seen of late."

PC Magazine
AVADirect GT3 Core i7 Slim Portable Gaming PC Review
"This is the third review we have had with PC Magazine thus far. We decided to ship them our exclusive GT3 Core i7 Small Form Factor gaming desktop. Since our countries economy is not in the best shape, we at AVADirect have been developing new ways to offer great performance at lower prices, and this system is a perfect example."
AVADirect GT3 Core i7 Slim Portable Gaming PC Review
"If you're looking for a new gaming desktop, but want something that doesn't take up so much space, or something you can tote back and forth to school, then AVA Direct's GT3 should be near the top of your list."
AVA Direct Custom GT3 SFF Gaming System Review
"... Throw in an LCD monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard, and you have a LAN fest system ready to go--that'll likely outhustle most gaming notebooks. With the power of a full-sized desktop system in a form factor almost small enough to be a choking hazard (just kidding), the GT3 is a decent system for LAN gamers, but users who don't partake will probably want something with more muscle."


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Slim Gaming PC Core™ i7 1366 GT3™ Slim Portable Gaming Computer System

Core™ i7 1366 GT3™ Slim Portable Gaming Computer System
Item Code: DGS-CI7-GT3D3XTP
This slim gaming pc is discontinued and is shown for informational purposes only.
Note: The picture shown is for information purposes only. Visual appearance of the product depends on selected configuration and may vary from the picture.

Slim Gaming PC Info


Just because your system will be top of the line means that your computer tower must be large to fit everything. Introducing the Core™i7 Slim GT3™ System, using a revolutionary new case design, will use up to 66% less desk area than previous mid-tower cases. Using a patent-pending design, this case can accept full size ATX-compliant motherboards, mid-range video cards, up to two hard drives, and expansion for PCI devices.

The Core™i7 Slim GT3™ System is the highest performing slim system available currently. Competing against much larger systems, this small system can hold its own against system killing games such as Crysis, World at War, and other intense DX10 games. This is the perfect system for any gamer who needs power in a small package or a frequent LAN event user.

Some of the features of this system include:

  • Support for the highest performing Core™i7 processors
  • Support for up to 24GB of high-speed DDR3 memory
  • Support for either NVIDIA® or ATI® gaming video cards
  • Up to 2 SATA 3Gb/s hard drives in RAID 0 or 1
  • Custom cooling options for a whisper quiet system

*** Notice *** The PCI expansion and 2nd hard drive occupy the same space. Please choose one or the other in your selection.

GTR GT3™ Case

The GT3™ is the first small form factor computer chassis built solely to utilize full-size desktop PC components. Unlike GT3™’s desktop-PC counterparts, GT3™ is a fraction of a desktop-PC’s size and weight yet by utilizing full size desktop PC components, GT3™ PCs are able to deliver performance previously only available from full size desktop PCs. As a result, GT3™ PCs have the potential to be the smallest, highest performing PCs in the world.

Additionally, GT3™’s small size and high-tech all aluminum design make GT3™ ideal for transport, allowing you to have powerful computing capability wherever needed. GT3™’s retractable handle and light weight makes taking your PC with you a breeze – just unplug GT3™, pull up the handle and put it in a back pack. Its that easy! No other PC-platform has as much innovation and technology packed in such a stylish yet functional design.

Note: For full specifications see the details of configured components.

Customize It For Your Needs

Being a small system does not mean we cannot modify the hardware. Our qualified technicians can customize the case in any way, install the latest technologies, and mount the best cooling solutions so that your custom computer will run at full performance that no other company can match. Configure online or call us to tailor this machine to meet your needs.

Build Your Own Slim Gaming PC

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