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800GB DC P3600 1/2 Height, 2600 / 1000 MB/s, MLC, PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe, AIC OEM SSD

SKU: 8633184

Manufacturer: INTEL


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Price: $1,735.30
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Breakthrough Performance – The Intel Solid-State Drive Data Center Family for PCIe brings extreme data throughput directly to Intel Xeon processors with up to six times faster data transfer speed than 6 Gbps SAS/SATA SSDs.

Modernizes data center storage – Intel led the industry in creation of a new Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) storage interface standard. NVMe overcomes SAS/SATA SSD performance limitations by optimizing hardware and software to take full advantage of NVM SSD technology.

Comprehensive solution – Intel is driving transition to NVMe SSDs by providing a comprehensive product line, enabling extensive system compatibility, delivering Intel drivers as well as supporting industry driver development, and completing numerous industry standard compliance certifications.

Proven quality and reliability – Intel SSD Data Center Family for PCIe devices are based on Intel-developed controller, firmware, and leading manufacturing process NAND flash memory. Rigorous qualification and compatibility testing ensures a highly reliable SSD. The Intel SSD Data Center Tool provides a powerful set of management capabilities.


Sequential Read

2600 MB/s

Sequential Write

1000 MB/s

Random Read (100% Span)

430000 IOPS

Random Write (100% Span)

50000 IOPS

Latency - Read

20 µs

Latency - Write

20 µs

Power - Active

12W (write), 9W (read)

Power - Idle


Vibration - Operating

2.17 GRMS

Vibration - Non-Operating

3.13 GRMS

Shock (Operating and Non-Operating)

50 G Trapezoidal, 170 in/s

Operating Temperature Range

0°C to 55°C


0.41 lb

Endurance Rating (Lifetime Writes)

4.38 PBW (JEDEC workload)

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

2,000,000 Hrs

Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER)

less than 1 sector per 1e17 bits read
Package Specifications


800 GB

Form Factor



PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4


20 nm
Advanced Technologies

Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection


Temperature Monitoring and Logging


High Endurance Technology (HET)


End-to-End Data Protection