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Corsair MM200 PRO CH-9412660-WW Premium Spill-Proof Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - Heavy XL, Black

SKU: 13951007

Manufacturer: CORSAIR

MPN: CH-9412660-WW

Availability: Available

Price: $31.77
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CORSAIR MM200 PRO (Heavy XL) (CH-9412660-WW). SHIELDS UP. A spill-proof and stain-resistant coating makes liquids slide right off the surface so your mouse pad is easy to wipe clean even after an accident.

Brand Corsair
Series MM200 PRO
Model CH-9412660-WW
Dimensions 0.24" x 17.71" x 15.75"
Surface Spill-proof and stain-resistant micro-weave fabric
Base Anti-slip rubber
Color Black