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Enabling Technology Solutions for the Creative Industry

Creative professionals should focus on creating the best design instead of worrying about connecting to shared drives or how long their work will take to render. They need the freedom of the cloud, with the ability to work from anywhere. From laptops to workstations to servers for render farms, our dynamic team of industry professionals will ensure our configurations meet your rigorous requirements.

Boost Creative Productivity

For you, IT is not an expense, it is the engine for your revenue. Creative teams should not be bottlenecked by technical limitations or hardware speeds. We help you grow and protect your creations with a hardware and software integration system that is reliable, secure and proven. Describe your field of work and your business-critical software to our dedicated staff and they will create a solution that meets your technical and budgetary needs, and will handle the demands of your business as it grows. Our equipment undergoes extensive thorough testing including 24-hour burn-in and is backed by our world-class technical support.

Professional Solutions for Creative Professionals

Creating and distributing content for today’s wide variety of media technology is becoming increasingly complex as consumers use everything from tablets, smart phones and gaming devices to traditional media outlets like television and movie theaters. You can rely on AVADirect computers to handle your most complicated projects and models. All of our products and solutions are covered by our lifetime technical support. Our long-term relationships with our vendors enables us to manage the supply chain for hard to find parts and mitigate obsolescence.

AVADirect offers Evolutionary Technology

At AVADirect we build the finest intricately built custom computer solutions in the industry from graphics workstations to render farms, all thanks to our expertise in design, engineering, and production. Whether you do video editing and compositing, music editing, media production for interactive formats or animation, you can unleash your creativity across all these devices and formats with computing solutions from AVADirect. All of our products are proudly built and supported in the USA.

AVADirect offers Evolutionary Technology