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FX-6100 Six-Core 3.3 - 3.9GHz, AM3+, 8MB L3 cache, DDR3-1866, 95W, 32nm, Retail

SKU: 5979143

Manufacturer: AMD


Availability: Discontinued

Price: $125.34
or as low as $11/month

AMD FX Processors

Unlock and load

Blow away the competition the competition with the unrestrained power of an AMD FX processor. Unlocked out of the box and competitively-priced AMD FX Processors give you more bang for your buck with aggressive performance and lighting-fast responsiveness.

Features & Benefits

  • Experience the world’s first native 8-core desktop processor.
  • Overclock for a big boost in performance and speed1.
  • Perform mega-tasking and get pure core performance with new “Bulldozer” architecture.
  • Get an extra burst of raw speed when you need it most with AMD Turbo CORE Technology.
  • Push your performance with tuning controls in the easy-to-use AMD OverDrive™ software1.
  • Enjoy stable, smooth performance with impressive energy efficiency thanks to a 32nm die.
Ferocious power - right out of the box

Take on anything, anytime with the extreme responsiveness and mega-tasking performance of 

AMD FX 8-Core Processor Black Edition
  • Experience the world’s first native 8-core desktop processor.
  • Immerse yourself in the most advanced 3D games.
  • Achieve extreme mega-tasking with ease.
AMD FX 6-Core Processor Black Edition
  • Accomplish breathtaking 3D modeling and HD video editing.  
  • Chat, watch movies, play games and more with maximum multitasking.
AMD FX 4-Core Processor Black Edition
  • Watch rich, crisp HD video. 
  • Run multiple compute-intensive applications seamlessly.
Be Epic. Be Brutal. Get AMD FX in Your System.


Processor AMD FX 6-Core Black Edition
Model FX-6100
Operating Mode 32 Bit Yes
Operating Mode 64 Bit Yes
Base Speed (MHz) 3300
Boost Speed (MHz) 3900
Max Temps (C) 70 °C
Wattage 95 W
AMD Virtualization Technology Yes
L1 Cache Size (KB)  
L1 Cache Count  
L2 Cache Size (KB) 1000
L2 Cache Count 6
L3 Cache Size (KB)  
CMOS 32nm
Socket AM3+