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G¼ Male-Male Lok-Seal Long Extension Fitting (41-65mm Range) - Black

SKU: 9773171

Manufacturer: SWIFTECH


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Price: $11.68
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G¼ Male-Male adjustable connector fittings for multiple VGA waterblocks in SLI or CrossfireX. This product is part of the Lok-Seal? family of fittings.

Recommended use

Initial Tip: If possible, attach the fittings to the cooling devices first! While not mandatory, it is always preferable to fasten a fitting to a cooling device prior to installing the device inside the case. This will eliminate interference issues that may be encountered when working with tools inside of space constrained enclosures.

Fasten the fitting by hand until it mates with the surface of the cooling device. The amount of force necessary to screw the fittings down in ?finger tight? mating position may vary from one device to another depending on various factors. Users are advised to always visually check on the actual position of the fitting relative to the device surface rather than solely relying on feel. There should be little -not to exceed the thickness of a sheet of paper, or no visible gap between the fitting lower lip and the device surface. See the illustration below.

  • Brand - Swiftech
  • Model # - G1/4-MMEXT-LONG-BK
  • Block Accessory Type - SLI Fitting
  • Fitting Finish - Matte Black
  • Block GPU Type - Nvidia/AMD
  • VGA Series - Universal
  • Material - N/A
  • Color - No
  • Weight - 0.2000