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Ghostwriter Black, Cherry MX RGB Black Switches, Wired USB, Black, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SKU: 12007932

Manufacturer: RIOTORO


Availability: Available

Price: $135.35
or as low as $4/month

The New RIOTORO Ghostwriter brown mechanical keyboard, features cutting edge stealth design with German made Cherry MX RGB Black switches, Cherry MX switches are the world’s leading mechanical technology. Made to exacting tolerances with gold contacts for precision and long-life, Cherry MX switches consistently deliver rapid, accurate actuation for tournament level performance. The Ghostwriter brown mechanical keyboard features 100% anti-ghosting with full 104 key rollover ensuring that each key registers when multiple keys are pressed. Find your keys in the dark and customize your PC rig with brilliant illumination in any of 16.8 million colors for each individual key. Lighting with multi-color animated effects can be programmed directly on the keyboard or via software. Media controls for music and video on-the-fly, with easily accessible, dedicated playback and volume controls.

Dimensions463.78L 463.78L x 211.62 W x 30.24H (without wrist rest)
Wrist rest Dimension 463.75L x 64.42W x 16.93H (wrist rest only)
Number of keys 104
MaterialABS ABS plastic
Interface USB 2.0
Volume roller Yes
Multimedia keys Yes (Play/Pause, Stop, forward, rewind, mute.
OS support Windows 7, 8, and 10.