Disable Realtek Audio Manager Notifications

Have you experienced annoying pop-up messages regarding your Realtek audio chip? If so, here's how you can stop that from happening.
Things to know

Most motherboards nowadays come with some version of a Realtek sound chip that handles the onboard sound processing. In the past few years, Realtek has created an audio manager software that allows you to configure certain aspects of your sound card, such as Environment effects, channel output, EAX capabilities, etc. Another feature added is called the Automatic Jack detection, whereby in it's default state, the Realtake Audio manager will notify you with a pop-up telling you that you've plugged in a device and allow you to configure it independently. The problem with this pop-up that a lot of games or applications may be using the full-screen feature that will either exit, or crash when this pop-up is displayed.

Some realtek chips have been reported to have sensitive ports, also triggering the notifications even when nothing has been plugged in them. The best resolution of this problem at this time is to disable these notifications through the Realtek Audio Manager software. You will not loose any functionality or sound when you disable these notifications. You will still be able to configure devices that you plug in, you just have to launch the manager manually or from the taskbar near the system clock.

Disabling the Notification

To disable the notification, you should follow these steps:

1) Open the Manager by double clicking on the icon next to system clock
2) Go to the speakers tab where you can see different colored plugs on the right hand side
3) Above the plugs, there should be a small icon of a yellow folder
4) Click on the folder and CHECK the box to disable the automatic detection.
5) Close the manager

Again, this only disables notification. It does not reduce the functionality of the audio chipset in any way. It is a workaround at this moment to prevent realtek from crashing your important games/applications. It's a good idea to try and update realtek drivers often, then undo this process to see if the issue is still there.

If you wish to configure your devices independently, you will need to launch the manager manually. You can either launch it from the system tray or Windows Control panel. You can also search for it in the Windows Search box by typing Realtek HD Manager or just Realtek.

If you were receiving pop-ups when no devices were plugged in, you could be experiencing a high sensitivity issue which is common with these chips. They can also experience interference from other devices around your system or on the motherboard. Make sure that you keep an eye out on your audio in the future to make sure there are no issues. If you begin to hear occasional crackling, the audio chip may be failing and should be replaced, in other words the motherboard needs to be replaced. 

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