Updating DirectX

Similar to video drivers, DirectX needs to be kept up to date as well to prevent graphical errors. Here's how to update DirectX on your computer.

Occasionally you may experience system crashes and video card related errors what result in BSODs and other strange symptoms. By studying BSODs you can tell which driver or component may be responsible for the crash. If you find that the common driver happens to be DirectX related, best thing to do is update the DirectX using Microsoft’s update tool.

You can find the tool here:


This tool will update all DirectX files dating back couple years to make sure you have all of them and up to date. Sometimes games and applications may trigger and call up for these files, in which case the driver may crash.

It’s also recommended to do a complete re-installation of the display driver, and you can find the guide for that in this section on page 2.

Make sure you always update to the latest available driver and that any changes you make in between the driver updates are done using the clean installation method.

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