AVADirect Internship Program

Through the AVADirect Internship Program, we incorporate theoretical learning attained from the classroom with practical relevance to real world applications; working with individuals of all walks of life within the business environment. Candidates interested in applying for the AVADirect Internship Program must be majoring in one of the following fields: marketing, public relations, computer science and/or graphic design. During your experience you will define your leadership abilities, communication skills, and organizational qualities. In addition, you will gain experience and knowledge in the high-tech world of the computer industry. At the conclusion of your internship depending upon your performance and compatibility with AVADirect you may be offered a full-time position.        

During the Internship

During your internship you will have the same responsibilities as a full-time employee. You will be provided real work with business related problems to solve. At AVADirect we feel it is important for our interns to gain experience therefore all projects and work completed will directly impact our company.

Dates of the Internship Program

We have three programs structured throughout the year.

                        Winter            January – May                          (16 weeks)                   

                        Summer         June – August                          (10 weeks)

                        Fall                September – November              (12 weeks)

Application Process

Your cover letter and resume will serve as the formal application to the program. Please specify on your cover letter the dates you are applying for. The deadline for applications is approximately 10 - 12 weeks prior to the start date; October 15, March 15, and June 15 respectively. You will be notified by AVADirect within two weeks after the deadline if you have been selected for an interview. Following the interview process candidates will be notified if they have been selected by November 15, April 15, or July 15.  

Submit your resume and cover letter to internships@avadirect.com.



AVADirect will not be responsible for any travel expenses incurred during the interviewing process, or actual fees incurred throughout the duration of the internship program such as housing and meals. All intern positions are non-paying. However, academic credit should be received for the internship experience from a university in lieu of compensation. In addition, this can be a formal course credit, or extra credit that a specific professor is willing to provide.  AVADirect requires confirmation of academic credit eligibility before granting an applicant an interview.