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Killer NIC Network Card, 400MHz NPU, 10/100/1000 Mbps, PCI 2.2, Retail

SKU: 778493


MPN: B011-500-0001

Availability: Discontinued

Price: $168.01
or as low as $5/month

If you are an Elite gamer that loves to win…that wants a real advantage over your enemy in the field of battle…that wants to have the best possible technology in your rig…then the Killer™ Network Interface Card (NIC) is for you.


Lag and Latency Reduction (LLR)
Lag and Latency Reduction (LLR) Technology is what separates Killer from ordinary networking products. Designed specifically for gaming, LLR Technology is designed to accelerate your network processing the minute your game's data arrives at your computer.

Introducing the NPU
Lag and Latency Reduction technology (LLR) uses a custom chipset called the Network Processing Unit (NPU) to allow parts of the game to run inside the Killer NIC. The NPU acts as a co-processor dedicated to running the networking portion of games and other applications.

A New Networking Model
LLR technology is completely Plug & Play, and works in all games. LLR literally bypasses the traditional Windows Networking Stack, enabling an entirely new game-optimized model of networking. The new networking model means there is a hardware interrupt for every gaming network packet, giving network traffic unprecedented speed and priority in your gaming PC.

Separating Networking and Graphics for Smoother Gameplay.
Games check the network for new data constantly – simple, but important checks ranging from “Is he shooting at me?” to “Is that door open or closed?” These checks are mixed with graphics and frames showing the result of the question (e.g. a closed or open door). LLR can answer these questions in just one CPU instruction. With LLR, your game has effectively separated graphics from networking. It can now dedicate more instructions to the other tasks – graphics and gameplay – that smooth your overall experience, especially during intense action.

Flexible Network Architecture:

FNA: The Ultimate Multitasker
Each Killer Gaming Networking Card has a dedicated Linux computer built into it. This "computer inside a computer" enables your Killer to be more than just a gaming network card: it is your digital servant.

FNTorrent uses your Killer NPU to download bit torrents and store them on a USB drive attached directly to your gaming NIC. You can even download while you game, and since the downloaded files are stored on a USB drive attached directly to the back of the Killer NIC, the files never touch your system. You can download gigabytes of files with zero impact to your game.

FNFirewall uses the popular and effective Open Source iptables firewall found in Linux and provides you with a Windows(tm)-based front end. This firewall runs completely inside the Killer NPU, giving you added security by blocking malicious attacks before they even hit your PC's bus. Advanced iptables users can write their own scripts or use it directly using the FNA SDK.

The FNA Software Development Kit (SDK) includes an open-source compiler, a copy of our custom Linux distribution, and a small set of rules that'll help anyone write or port Linux applications to the Killer NPU. Writing an FNApp is as easy as recompiling your source for Killer's flavor of Linux and pressing go. Additionally, these tools can enable your FNApp to seamlessly communicate with a Windows control application that runs on your Windows desktop.

Product Features:

The world's first 400MHz gaming networking card is powered by Lag and Latency Reduction (LLR) Technology, and accelerates your online games right out of the box.

Prioritize your network traffic
Gets data to and from your game faster because Killer's LLR (Lag and Latency Reduction) Technology ensures your gaming data is prioritized above all other network traffic.

Offloads Network Processing from CPU
Experience smoother game play during intense action as your gaming network card acts as a co-processor to ensure that your networking gets out of the way of your graphics and CPU.

Lowers your in-game Ping
See your enemies a split-second sooner, and get your mouse-clicks to the server faster because Killer bypasses Windows to save precious milliseconds, giving you the competitive edge in first-person shooters.

Game Securely and Download Files without Affecting Game Performance
Run your firewall and Torrent Clients on Killer's 333MHz NPU instead of your CPU. The Flexible Network Architecture allows your game to run smoothly because your applications no longer need to run on your CPU. Download our SDK and develop your own!

Plug and Play
Install the card, install the drivers, and the Killer NIC is ready to fight. No special patches, system manipulation, or game integration required – just plug it in and start playing.

Technical Specifications:

400MHz NPU for uncompromising performance
The Killer NIC’s 400MHz Network Processing Unit smoothes your gameplay, attacks network lag, and runs Flexible Network Applications (FNApps) while you game.

Custom K-Blade heat sink for efficient cooling.
Show off your network card for once. Let everybody know you've got the competitive advantage with our deadly-looking and efficient heat sink from Thermaltake™.

Powered by Lag and Latency Reduction (LLR) Technology
LLR Technology takes data from your game and the Internet and bypasses Windows to provide the lowest in-game ping, the best responsiveness and the smoothest online gaming experience, especially in crowded MMORPGs.

  • Data Rates: 10/100/1000 Ethernet Fast Ethernet Controller
  • 400MHz Network Processing Unit
  • Integrated Memory: 64MB DDR PC2100
  • IEEE Compliance: 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3z
  • Data Path Width: 32-bit PCI
  • Data Transfer Mode: Bus-master DMA

General Specs:

  • Connectors: RJ-45
  • Port: USB2.0
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Typical Power Consumption: 5-10W