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Welcome to the #NewAVADirect

We offer the ultimate in custom computers through our industry-leading products and service. The #NewAVADirect has been redesigned, reconfigured, and restructured enhancing our layout, navigation, and customizable configurations; optimizing the AVADirect experience!

In a world connected through technology, the AVADirect Community enables you, our users, to effectively interact with both us and one another using multiple platforms. Please join our mailing list / Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

Design Highlights

Crisp New Layout

We have redesigned our site, implementing elegance through our improved visuals and interactive content.

Improved Site Navigation

Our new toolbar allows users to browse effortlessly with drop down navigation. We have broken down all your favorite page destinations with informative product descriptions through our expansive product lines.

Killer Configurators

We have enhanced the custom configuration process by including our high-end components with accurate parameters, comprehensive filter features, and useful product recommendations.

Refined Search Results

Our dynamic filtering and component segmentation will help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for seamlessly.

Advanced Checkout

We have optimized our checkout process to provide a smoother shopping experience.

Enhanced User Accounts

Through our new user account features, we also provide active quotes, the ability to track your recent orders, and offer sharable wish-lists. For existing customers, we provide a messaging service that directs your concerns to the attention of the appropriate department / personnel to assure prompt and accurate responses.