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PH-FF120RGBA_AG01 120mm Halos Lux RGB Fan Frames

SKU: 13002271

Manufacturer: PHANTEKS


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Crafted from a single block of aluminum, the Phanteks’ Halos Lux RGB fan frames complements any premium system build with ambient illumination. Using high density LEDs, the Halos Lux can illuminate different varieties of fans including high performance fans made from PBT material. The Halos Lux RGB fan frames bring elegance and style to your system without compromising performance.

Brand Phanteks
Model PH-FF120RGBA_AG01
Types Case Fan Accessories
Colors Multi-Color
Length 12cm
Specifications Type: RGB Fan Frame

Materials: Anodised aluminum

No. of LEDs: 18 LEDs

Fan Frame Dimension: 120 x 120 x 6 mm
Features The Halos Lux RGB fan frame is developed to illuminate fan blades from different varieties of material/color with a bright ambient glow. This means even high performance fans made from PBT material, like Phanteks’ MP and SP fans, can now be illuminated in any color. With the Halos there’s no more compromise on performance when RGB illuminated fans are desired.