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February 16, 2015

New product available from AVADirect Custom Computers! Kingston Memory announced the initial product launch of the HyperX Fury DDR4 Memory. DDR4 is the latest evolution of Synchronous DRAM, which is the memory technology most commonly used in servers, desktops, and notebooks. After years of research and development, DDR4 introduces a number of improvements over the previous generation – DDR3. For starters, DDR4 is capable of much higher speeds than DDR3, with an initial speed of 2133 and planned speed increases that could take speeds over 3200 data rate.

“The most important improvements for DDR4 have to do with data reliability. These include cyclic redundancy checks (or CRC), on-chip parity detection for integrity verification of ‘command and address transfers’, as well as enhanced signal integrity.”- Mike Mohney, Senior Technology Manager | Kingston Technologies

The HyperX DDR4 Fury also uses up to 40% less power than DDR3. As each DIMM only requires 1.2V per unit, compared to 1.5V in the DDR3. That decrease in power usage results in lower cost computing, and a more efficient, and cost effective computer. DDR4 also supports the integration of higher density DRAM chips and stacking technologies. This translates to higher capacity modules, “maybe even as high as 256 GB on a single DIMM in the not so distant future,” says Kingston’s own, Mike Mohney. Get into our configurators on and experience speed never harnessed before now. Try one on for size in your next AVADirect custom rig.