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March 17, 2015

The latest technology from NVIDIA is now available at AVADirect Custom Computers in the Titan X. This GPU was artfully crafted for the most demanding gaming fanatics in mind. It syndicates the latest technology upgrades and extreme performance metrics. Built on the Maxwell architecture, this gaming changing innovation GPU boasts eight billion transistors and a 12GB VRAM and frame buffer rate.

“It's the most advanced GPU the world has ever seen,” Jen-Hsus Huang, CEO NVIDA at the GDC keynote unveiling event.

This GPU was engineered in the same league as the Titan Z; this particular GPU took “over a 100 million man hours to create”. The engineering is sound, and its graphical abilities are limitless. The Titan X features hyper-realistic, real-time global lighting through progressive NVIDIA VXGI, as well as NVIDIA G-SYNC™ display technology for a seamless gaming experience and graphical supremacy. In addition, the Titan X is the only single GPU that you can access DSR technology that delivers a 4K experience, even on a 1080p monitor, increasing your visual output without having to upgrade your display. Call AVADirect today to get your hands on one of the world’s highest caliber GPU’s in the computing industry.

See the TitanX detailed specifications below

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