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AVADirect's Brand New Bag and Line Of Signature Series Desktops

April 10, 2015
AVADirect's Brand New Bag and Line Of Signature Series Desktops

Custom PC maker AVADirect has been around for a long time, but the company has reimagined itself to a certain extent. Late last year, the Twinsburg, Ohio-based builder revamped its website and online configurator, but that was just the beginning. AVADirect has also begun reshaping the type of products it wants to offer its customers.

We spoke with Travis Bortz, AVADirect's Vice President of Business Development, about the company's brand new bag, its Signature Series machines, and its strategy of developing purpose-built solutions for niche markets at customers' behest.

In the most general sense, AVADirect has changed its approach to the whole market. "In the past, it was always a reactive approach -- if you called or went to the webstore, we got the sale -- things like that," said Bortz. "We did very well, somehow, but now we're going to take the proactive approach." Part of that strategy includes being aware of lifecycle management (especially regarding the company's enterprise, industry and SMB customers, although the same applies to a lesser degree to general consumers, as well). Said Bortz, "We have over unique 50,000 customers; why not reach back out to them?"

Bortz told us that considering all the various component options available, AVADirect offers between 2.5 to 3 million different configurations, but he also saw a place in the market for more specific, and high-end, builds.

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