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AVADirect Introduces Desktops Featuring AMD Bulldozer Processors

October 24, 2011
AVADirect Introduces Desktops Featuring AMD Bulldozer Processors AVADirect announces newly added desktops featuring the new Bulldozer architecture by AMD. The Bulldozer processors feature six to eight cores and coexist with AMD FM1 and AM3+ chipsets to drive HD quality visuals along with multi-monitor gaming using ATI graphics card eyefinity technology. Increased cores will provide end-users with increased mutli-tasking, and the ability to handle stress-oriented processes that previous generation chips could not handle. The Bulldozer architecture is said to be the direct response to Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture, even after four years in development. Before launch, AMD set a world record by overclocking their FX series processor to 8Ghz using liquid hydrogen. The demonstration was not meant to point end-users in a specific direction of cooling methods, but to showcase the Bulldozers ability to overclock to new limits set by AMD.