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AVADirect VR computers power demonstrations at the Omni and Sixense booths at GDC.

March 14, 2016
AVADirect Attends GDC 2016

Enter to Win an AVA Sixense Ultimate VR Desktop and Sixense STEM System!

To celebrate the Game Developers Conference, AVADirect and Sixense have joined forces to giveaway a VR bundle with an AVA Sixense Ultimate VR Desktop and Sixense STEM System. The Sixense STEM System is a wireless motion tracking platform that enables gamers to interact naturally and intuitively by tracking full positions and orientation at all times. The AVA Sixense VR Desktop was designed and engineered to accompany the Sixense STEM System, giving VR users optimal graphics capabilities.

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Take $100 off the purchase of any of our VR systems with promo code GDC 2016

To continue our celebration of GDC, we’re offering a limited time promo on our VR systems. This week only, take $100 off the purchase of the AVA Omni VR Desktop, AVA Sixense VR Desktop, or AVA Exemplar by Road to VR.

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AVADirect is at GDC!

If you’re in San Francisco for the Game Developer’s Conference, stop by and take a look at the AVADirect computers running virtual reality demonstrations! The AVA Omni VR Desktop is powering the Omni VR eSports competition at booth #410. Meanwhile, the AVA Sixense VR Desktop is being used to demonstrate the Sixense STEM System at booth # 502.

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