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CPU Magazine Catches Up with Travis Bortz & Shannon Robb, discussing what's changed so far and what's in store for 2017.

November 18, 2016
Q&A with Travis Bortz & Shannon Robb - Interview with CPU Magazine

Q: So, who’s the new guy?

TB: Industry friend and guru, Shannon Robb.

Q: How are Shannon’s experience and expertise a fit for AVADirect, and how does he change the dynamic at AVADirect?

TB: As I have frequently discussed over the past two years, we have rebranded, reorganized, and restructured our company, as well as implemented new sales and marketing initiatives and a new culture. Shannon’s industry knowledge, forward thinking, and passion are a perfect fit for the vision of our company. Having Shannon join the AVADirect team does not change the dynamic; rather, it enhances the dynamic we already have. His knowledge of PCs is vast and his personality is vibrant. He has willingness and desire to help teach others as well as bring out the best in the people around him. It is qualities like these that will make him a great Production Manager.

When Shannon and I spoke about the opportunity for him to come to AVADirect, we discussed this philosophy and fortunately for us, it mirrored his vision and style of leadership and management.

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