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MALIBAL Linux Laptop
August 17, 2023

AVADirect Custom Computers Now offering MALIBAL Linux Laptops

MALIBAL takes the lead in manufacturing and verifying compatibility, ensuring that Linux Mint or Ubuntu runs seamlessly on their curated laptops. They meticulously vet Linux drivers and functionality, guaranteeing users an optimized and hassle-free experience. Additionally, AVADirect installs components as specified by our customers and conducts software stress testing on each laptop, verifying stability and quality. With Linux Mint or Ubuntu, users can confidently choose between two acclaimed distributions known for their user-friendly interfaces and robust software ecosystems.
Our four available laptop models, pre-installed with Linux Mint or Ubuntu, can also be loaded with Windows upon request, providing the flexibility to choose your preferred operating system. AVADirect and MALIBAL's dedication to Linux compatibility ensures a superior Linux experience on reliable, high-quality laptops.