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AVADirect Custom Gaming Systems Now Equipped with Intel Haswell E Processors

August 29, 2014
These CPU’s represent a quantum leap in performance, with Intel bringing their first enthusiast class 8-core CPU to market with an 8 core processor to market. Moving forward with the already stellar improvements from the Haswell Devil's Canyon refresh, these Core i7 E CPUs are built for the bleeding edge enthusiast.

AVADirect is proud to offer this exciting new technology, and they are now available in our custom gaming configurations. Built for gamers and enthusiasts we offer both Overclocking and water cooling services, to take these cutting edge components to the next level. If you are playing games, or are making them, let AVADirect give YOU the advantage, and be the first to configure a machine featuring the brand new I7-5960X with DDR 4 technology!

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