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RGB to Aura/Mystic Light (Motherboard) A-RGB Adapter

  • SKU: 13830898
  • Manufacturer: CORSAIR
  • MPN: 1W7-00K1-00003
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  • This adapter only works with a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro. It will not work directly with an RGB Fan LED Hub or Lighting Node Core. To use with either of these devices, you can use the Corsair Fan Hub to Strip/Lighting Channel adapter.
  • If your device does not have its own power source, you need to make sure that the current draw on a single Corsair Lighting Channel is limited to approximately 2A (10W). This will come out to roughly 60 RGB LEDs. However you may need to check the specifications of any LEDs that you connect. If you exceed the limit, you may blow a fuse in your Lighting Channel.
  • You'll have to configure your devices in iCue based on the number of LEDs. You can choose from HD (12 LEDs), LL (16 LEDs), ML (4 LEDs), SP-PRO (8 LEDs), QL (34 LEDs) fans or RGB Strips (10 LEDs). Do not configure them as SP-RGB fans! You'll need to count the number of LEDs on your devices and then configure the lighting channel to have the same (or slightly greater) number of LEDs.
  • This will not allow you to control your motherboard or GPU LEDs. Those aren't controlled by connecting wires. This will only control 5V Addressable RGB LEDs.
  • 5) This will not allow you to control 12V (4-pin) analog LEDs. They operate on a different protocol and are incompatible. You can use the Solarity Tech ArrRGB DAC to control 12V (4-pin) analog LEDs.