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RMM4 Remote Server Management Module w/ Dedicated NIC

SKU: 4984448

Manufacturer: INTEL


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Remote Management Module 4

The Intel® Remote Management Module (Intel® RMM) allows you to securely gain access and control servers and other devices from any machine on the network—any place, any time.

Intel® RMMs are optional add-on hardware-based modules available for selected Intel® Server Products.

Each includes a remote management card and a dedicated management network interface card (NIC) module connector for a dedicated network connection and adds extensive remote management capabilities.

  • Remote power management, virtual media redirection, and full remote access (KVM)
    Lower costs by reducing travel time—with a virtual presence, you don't have to be there
  • Proactive system health monitoring
    Reduces downtime by enabling administrators to recognize emerging trends and address problems before they impact services
  • Dedicated network connection
    Provides security by segmenting management traffic onto a dedicated network connection and supports industry standards including SMASH-CLP and WS-MAN
  • Secure, embedded Web server
    Connects administrators to remote servers over a secure SSL connection to monitor system health and perform maintenance tasks
  • USB media redirection
    Loads operating systems and other software on remote machines from storage devices attached to their local machine