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ROG Series Enthusiast 4-Way SLI Bridge Retail - For GTX 900 Series

SKU: 10247359

Manufacturer: ASUS


Availability: Out of Stock

Price: $39.83
or as low as $4/month

Bridging the performance and aesthetics

  • Ultra-premium brushed aluminum finish with illuminated ROG logo
  • Available in two-, three-, and four-way SLI configurations for extensive compatibility with ASUS and NVIDIA reference graphics card
Dimensions 2-WAY: 97 x 43 x 21 (L x W x H mm)
3-WAY: 108 x 53 x 21 (L x W x H mm)
4-WAY: 140 x 53 x 21 (L x W x H mm)
Weight 70 g (2-WAY)
91 g (3-WAY)
123 g(4-WAY)
Compatible GPU set-ups 2-WAY: 2-WAY-S & 2-WAY-M
3-WAY: 2-WAY-L & 3-WAY
4-WAY: 4-WAY
Contents 2-WAY: 1 x optional power cable & 2 PCBs included for varying configurations
3-WAY: 1 x optional power cable
4-WAY: 1 x optional power cable