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RS700-E10-RS12U-WOCPU005Z, 1U, Intel® C621A, 12x NVMe/SATA, 2x M.2, 32x DDR4, 1600W Rdt PSU

SKU: 14569129

Manufacturer: ASUS

MPN: RS700-E10-RS12U-WOCPU005Z

Availability: Low Stock

Price: $2,526.56
or as low as $81.51/month
  • Powered by dual-socket 3rd Gen Intel Scalable processors, with 32 DIMMs and support for a maximum TDP of up to 270 W per socket
  • GPU-optimized design allows one dual-slot GPU for AI workloads
  • Up to 12 all-flash NVMe drives on front panel to enable extensive storage and high-throughput performance
  • Up to three PCIe® 4.0 slots to enable higher bandwidth and improved data-transfer rates
  • Flexible onboard LAN-module design to enable four 1 Gb LAN or two 10 Gb LAN options
  • Flexible air- and liquid-cooling solution to achieve lower power-usage effectiveness (PUE) and optimized TCO for data centers
  • Onboard ASUS ASMB10-iKVM for out-of-band management with ASPEED AST2600 controller
  • Integrated PFR FPGA as the platform Root-of-Trust solution for firmware resiliency
  • High power efficiency with redundant 1600 W or 1200 W 80 Plus® Titanium/Platinum power supplies
Model Name RS700-E10-RS12U
Motherboard Z12PP-D32
Processor Support x Socket P+ (LGA 4189)
3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
Core Logic Intel® C621A Chipset
Total Slots 32 (8-channel per CPU, 16 DIMM per CPU)
Capacity Maximum up to 6TB
Memory Type DDR4 3200/2933/2666 RDIMM/ LRDIMM/ 3DS LRDIMM
* Please refer to for latest momory AVL update
Memory Size 64GB, 32GB, 16GB, 8GB RDIMM
256GB, 128GB, 64GB RDIMM 3DS
512GB, 256GB, 128GB Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory
200 Series (PMem)
* Refer to for more information
Expansion Slots
Slot Type Up to 3 PCIe Gen4 slots
1 x PCIe x16 (Gen4 x16 link), FH, HL (CPU1)
1 x PCIe x16 (Gen4 x16 link), FH, HL or OCP3.0 (CPU2)
1 x PCIe Gen4 x8 or x16, LPHL (if PCIe M.2 is in use, it will
operate at x8 link) (CPU2)
M.2 2 x M.2 (supports PCIe mode 2260 or 2280 from CPU2)
Micro SD Card slot 1
Proprietary Slot 1 1 x PCIe x8 (Gen4 x8 link), LP (Internal Slot for PIKE) (CPU1)
Proprietary Slot 2 4 x 1Gb RJ45 Lan Module Card (I350-AM4) or
2 x 10Gb RJ45 Lan Module Card (X710-AT2)
Disk Controller
SATA Controller 12 x SATA 6Gb/s ports
2 x M.2 connectors (PCIe Gen4 x4 link)
SAS Controller Optional kits:
ASUS PIKE II 3008 8-port SAS 12Gb/s HBA card
ASUS PIKE II 3108 8-port SAS HW 12Gb/s RAID card
Storage Bays
Storage Bay  12 x 2.5” Hot-Swap Drive Bays:
- 12 x NVMe/SAS*/SATA or
- 8 x NVMe/SATA/SAS* + 4x SATA/SAS* or
- 4 x NVMe/SATA/SAS* + 8x SATA/SAS*
* SAS support only from optional SAS HBA/RAID card
* Support tri-mode card (only for storage bays 9 - 12)
onboard connectors
2 x M.2 connectors
3 x Mini SAS HD connectors
Default Cable 3 x Mini SAS HD to mini SAS HD cables
2 x Slimline SAS cables
NVMe upgrade
Supports 4 x NVMe: via 2 x Slimline SAS cable
Supports 8 x NVMe: via 4 x Slimline SAS cable
Supports 12 x NVMe: via 6 x Slimline SAS cable
* Please refer to Asus server Upgrade Part List for the latest update
Networking 4 x 1Gbe (Intel® I350-AM4) RJ45 port or
2 x 10Gbe (Intel® X710-AT2) RJ45 port
1 x Management Port
Optional OCP 3.0 Adapter:
Up to 200Gb/s Ethernet / InfiniBand Adapter
VGA Aspeed AST2600 64MB
Graphic Up to 2 single slot GPU or 1 dual slot GPU*
* The external fan must be installed for dual slot GPU.
Front I/O Ports -
Rear I/O Ports 2 x USB 3.2 Gen1 ports
1 x VGA port
1 x RJ-45 Mgmt LAN port
4/2 x NIC ports*
1 x OCP 3.0 port (optional)
* The number of NIC ports available depends on the LAN Controller
card installed.
Switch/LED Front Switch/LED:
1 x Power Switch (w/ LED)
1 x Reset Switch
1 x Location Switch (w/ LED)
1 x HDD Access LED*
1 x Message LED
LAN 1/3 and 2/4 LED (on NIC module)**
* The HDD Access LED is only functional when an ASUS PIKE II
card is installed and connected.
** The number of LAN LEDs available depends on the LAN
Controller card installed.
Rear Switch/LED:
1 x Port 80 LED (Q-Code)
1 x Power Switch w/ LED
1 x Location Switch w/ LED
Security Options TPM-SPI
OS Support Windows® Server
RedHat® Enterprise Linux
SuSE® Linux Enterprise Server
* Please find the latest OS support from
Management Solution
Software ASUS Control Center
Out of Band
On-Board ASMB10-iKVM for KVM-over-IP
Regulatory Compliance BSMI, CE, CB, FCC(Class B)
Dimension 842.5mm x 439.5mm x 44mm (1U)
33.17” x 17.3” x 1.73”
Net Weight Kg (CPU, DRAM &
HDD not included)
13.7 kg
Gross Weight Kg (CPU, DRAM
& HDD not included, Packing
22.56 kg
Power Supply
(different configuration by region)
1+1 Redundant 1200W 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply
Rating: 100-127Vac/ 200-240Vac, 10A/5A (for each intlet),
50/60Hz, Class I or 240 Vdc*, 6A
1+1 Redundant 1600W 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply
Rating: 100-127Vac/ 200-240Vac, 12A/10A (for each intlet),
50/60Hz, Class I or 240 Vdc, 8A
1+1 Redundant 1600W 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply
Rating: 100-127Vac/ 200-240Vac, 13A/9.5A (for each intlet),
50/60Hz, Class I or 240 Vdc, 9.3A
* 240Vdc only for China
Environment Operation temperature: 10° ~ 35° or
10° ~ 30° if dual slot GPU is used
Non operation temperature: -40° ~ 60°
Non operation humidity: 20% ~ 90% (Non condensing)