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SBE-720E-R90 7U SuperBlade® Enclosure, 10 Hot-Plug Blade Bays, 4x 3000W PSU

SKU: 5954309

Manufacturer: SUPERMICRO

MPN: SBE-720E-R90

Availability: Unknown

Price: $4,760.58
or as low as $419/month

Space Optimization
Housed within a 19" industry-standard rack, SuperBlade® servers reduce server footprint in the data center. Power, cooling and networking devices are aggregated in the rear of the chassis which optimizes the required amount of space.

Up to 10 TwinBlade (20 nodes) can be installed in a 7U chassis. Compared to the 20U of rack space that twenty 1U servers would normally require as individual servers, the SuperBlade provides more than 50% density savings with 120 nodes and 24 switches in a 42U rack..

Cable Reduction
The SuperBlade® server chassis enclosure greatly simplifies the cabling process by aggregating cabling of ten servers at once. Up to 90% of network, power, and KVM cabling required for ten 1U servers are reduced by moving to blade servers in a single chassis. These cabling reductions continue across networking, SAN connectivity, and management controllers.

Reducing the number of cables speeds up the deployment of servers and helps reduce troubleshooting issues by presenting fewer physical connections to the servers.


Processor Blade
  • Up to 10 hot-plug Twin processor blades
Module Support
  • Supports Intel based Twinblade®
  • Supports Intel and AMD based 10-blade
  • Power LED, Fault LED
InfiniBand Switch
  • Supports up to two hot-plug IB QDR switches
Gigabit Ethernet Switch / Pass-Through Module
  • Supports up to two hot-plug 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2/3 switch modules
Management Module
  • Supports one hot-plug management modules providing remote KVM and IPMI 2.0 functionalities
Power Supply
  • Up to four hot-swap 2500W / 3000W power supplies, N+1 redundant
Cooling Design
  • Up to 16 cooling fans
Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • 12.1" x 18.5" x 29"
Available Models
  • SBE-720E-R90 - Enclosure chassis with four 3000W power supplies
  • SBE-720E-D60 - Enclosure chassis with two 3000W power supplies
  • SBE-720E-R75 - Enclosure chassis with four 2500W power supplies
  • SBE-720E-D50 - Enclosure chassis with two 2500W power supplies