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Tableau Forensic T356789iu IDE/SATA/SAS/FW/USB3.0/PCIe

  • SKU: 12490158
  • Manufacturer: Tableau
  • MPN: T356789iu
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The Tableau Forensic T356789iu is the latest integrated OEM forensic bridge from Tableau. The T356789iu has been completely redesigned. Performance gains of the T356789iu versus the previous generation T35689iu can be as much as:

  • FireWire – 10% faster
  • SATA – 17% faster
  • IDE – 20% faster
  • SAS – 122% faster
  • USB 3.0 –300% faster

The Tableau T356789iu now includes a PCIe interface with optional modules to support PCIe based solid state drives and M Key M.2 solid state drives.

The T356789iu mounts in one 5.25" half-height drive bay at the front of a forensic workstation and connects to the host computer via one USB 3.0 connection.

Each T356789iu ships with a complete set of hard-drive power and signal cables (TC2-8-R2, T4-8-R2, TC6-8, TC-USB3, and TC7-9-9).

*Optional Tableau bundle includes

-M.2/mSATA adapter

-TDA Multipack

  • TC6-2 - 2" IDE 80-conductor ribbon
  • TDA3-1 - 3.5" SATA - microSATA Hard Disk Adapter
  • TDA3-2 - SATA - Blade-Type Solid State Drive (SSD) Adapter
  • TDA3-LIF with 2 LIF cables
  • TDA5-18 -1.8" IDE Adapter
  • TDA5-25 - 2.5" IDE Adapter
  • TDA5-ZIF with TC20-BNDL cables 
  • Black TB4 bag