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Month: March 2015

AVADirect Custom Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop AVADirect Custom Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop
Air-Cooled vs. Liquid-Cooled Computers

The Background Before we dive too deep into the different cooling systems available for configuration in a custom computer, let’s take a step back and

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Pioneering Virtual Reality Hardware

Let’s face it — GPU’s can output more detail and enhance the PC experience on many levels. Whether your playing, rendering, creating, editing… it augments

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Virtuix Omni - virtual reality Virtuix Omni - virtual reality
Custom Virtual Reality Peripherals

If you’ve had a chance to experience a virtual reality headset already, you can rightfully say that the graphics are there… personally, my mind started

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virtual reality virtual reality
Virtual Reality is Finally Reality

It’s mind-blowing considering how far we’ve come — well… technology as a whole, but that’s common knowledge. I’m talking specifically about Virtual Reality (VR). You strap

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