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Year: 2015

Intel Core Vs Xeon Intel Core Vs Xeon
Intel Core Vs Xeon: Which is best?

How do you classify professional, or workstation-grade processors to the consumer from Intel? It is all about efficiency and saving time on the bottom line.

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avadirect avalanche hardline liquid cooled pc avadirect avalanche hardline liquid cooled pc
Hardline Liquid-Cooling a PC

A PC Cooler than the Other Side of the Pillow? Why choose a hardline liquid-cooled computer? Well because it’s the coolest — seriously. No, literally.

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Virtuix Omni - virtual reality Virtuix Omni - virtual reality
Virtual Reality Peripherals

If you’ve had a chance to experience a virtual reality headset already, you can rightfully say that the graphics are there… personally, my mind started

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virtual reality virtual reality
Virtual Reality is Finally Reality

It’s mind-blowing considering how far we’ve come — well… technology as a whole, but that’s common knowledge. I’m talking specifically about Virtual Reality (VR). You strap

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