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Month: February 2016

VR in Action: Gaming

With so much hype surrounding virtual reality gaming over the last few years, there’s a lot to take in. Since Oculus received such overwhelming support

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VR in Action: Education VR in Action: Education
VR in Action: Education

2016 is set to be a very exciting year for the virtual reality industry and for the consumers who are waiting anxiously for new VR

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What is M.2 What is M.2
What is M.2?

Introduction In the last few years, SSDs have continued to get smaller and faster, and the rate at which this technology is advancing can be

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SATA 3.2 SATA 3.2
SATA 3.2 standard: faster and faster

Recently, SATA interface marked its 13th anniversary. Between now and 2013, its performance has increased significantly – from 1 Gbit/s (rev.1.0) up to 6 Gibt/s

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Video Editing Software Video Editing Software
Video Editing Software for Home

Decades ago, the video editing world was a more complex, difficult, time-consuming and expensive activity. More prominently, it was known as  linear video editing. Why

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how to choose a headset how to choose a headset
How to Choose a Headset

Typically, headsets are not a first priority purchase we make for our new gaming computers or mobile devices. Nevertheless, when the decision has been made

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g-sync vs freesync g-sync vs freesync

Last year we wrote about NVIDIA G-SYNC, the revolutionary dynamic synchronization technology which synchronizes the monitor refresh rate with the refresh rate of the GPU in

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