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Year: 2019

Cleaning your dusty computer Cleaning your dusty computer
Dust free PCs

Keeping you custom gaming PC free from dust and other debris is integral to the performance of your system. The effects of build-up on the

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Raspberry Pi 4 board Raspberry Pi 4 board
New Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi foundation has released an updated model of their small computer. The Raspberry Pi 4 has numerous upgrades over the previous generation, which

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gaming pc gaming pc
Case airflow

Air flow is an important factor in the cooling equation of a custom gaming PC. Without proper air circulation, the vital components inside are subject

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liquid cooling liquid cooling
Ambient temperature effects on cooling

The summer months are here. That means cooling solutions inside of your custom gaming PC are all the more important because ambient temperatures can influence

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Workstation storage

A custom workstation computer has different needs than a custom gaming PC. There are obvious differences in the big three components that people prioritize when

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E3 2019 E3 2019
Looking forward to E3 2019

E3 is as good as Christmas to gamers. The weeks leading up to the event are full of rumor and speculation – some good some

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avalanche mini liquid cooled gaming pc avalanche mini liquid cooled gaming pc
PC cases – What to Consider

It can be easy to overlook the case when building a custom gaming PC. So much attention is paid to the exciting parts inside that

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Overclocking Overclocking
Overclocking basics

Overclocking can add serious power to your PC – but where to start? What is overclocking? Overclocking is the process of increasing the CPU clock

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Dying Light 2 Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2 confirmed for E3 2019

Techland is ready to show off their long-awaited sequel.  Techland has confirmed through a tweet that they will be featuring Dying Light 2 at E3

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