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3 Things You’d Never Know Unless You Contact Our Sales Team

Tech Support

We offer great component recommendations for your custom computer based on availability, needs, and budget

Regardless of what kind of requirements you are looking for in a custom computer, we offer a variety of PC and laptop options which may be modified based on your liking/interests/requirements. Whether you are looking for a gaming PC, video and photo editing computer, animation workstation, or web browsing tower desktop we have a configuration option perfect for you.  Nonetheless, our highly trained sales team is always glad to give a reasonable piece of advice to those who are not sure about components they will need for their use case.

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Our sales team can provide you with the best recommendations that are based not only on your preferences, but also budget and component availability. Some of the greatest advantages of building a PC with our sales team are:

  • Better knowledge of component availability and compatibility.
  • An opportunity to save money
  • Better explanation of warranties on systems
  • Acquiring exactly the features you need without overpaying for components
  • Finally, flexibility for upgrading in the future.

We’ll be able to provide more exact shipping estimations for your custom computer

Our sales team configures tons of configurations and has the insider knowledge of our inventory and our supplier’s inventory. If you want a better idea of when a certain component will be in stock or available for your custom pc, message our sales team!

They also have insight into certain shipping procedures and may be able to provide suggestions. If you’re looking at hard line liquid cooled systems, our sales team would usually advise you to ship those via freight, secured down on their own pallet. In certain cases, our sales team may even advise you to custom build your system its own shipping crate if you’d like.                                                                                  We make sure to start with internal expanding ESD safe pink foam, which holds all the inside components in place. Then the system is set into its original case box, with modeled foam to keep it secure. That box then goes inside another larger box, surrounded by bubble wrap on all sides.

The abovementioned points are yet the most crucial things to consider when it comes to choosing a new system. To make good results, you may need good advice for your system individually. The totality of reasonable choices and sense of equilibrium are guaranteed to lead to desired results!

How great AVADirect Custom Computers warranties are

Our warranties are designed to make a declaration aiming to inspire full confidence in the product they’re buying.  They are created to make the most sense when compared to the single cost of a component. For example, the cost to replace a motherboard in a system is equal to the cost of our AVADirect Silver, 3-year parts warranty. Hence, choosing a proper warranty option would cover the cost of all components in your system for additional years.

It’s of utmost importance to have a 100% assurance when it comes to our customers’ personal and working data. AVADirect’s complete computer systems are covered by a 1-year or 3-year limited warranty, depending on the product purchased. We’ve guaranteed the reliability of our systems and support even during the severe pandemic period.

Our warranties are guaranteed to provide our customers with the needed reliability and safety not depending on where they are or what issues they may encounter with. The AVADirect support team is always there to assist by applying the necessary procedures.

We know talking or chatting with someone isn’t always the preferred way to purchase. You can easily purchase a PC through AVADirect Custom Computers via our website and limit communication if you’d like, but our sales team was hired and trained specifically to make the ordering process easier. They’re able to provide more information, recommendations, and peace of mind when making the big purchase of a custom computer.

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