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Howdy! Dan here. I love to laugh, sing in the shower, and dance like no one is watching. Blog writer extraordinaire and sushi fanatic.

home automation internet of things home automation internet of things
Home Automation

We have all had a time in our life where we have questioned whether we left the oven on or left a window unlocked long

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quiet gaming pc quiet gaming pc
What Makes a PC Quiet?

When purchasing your newest custom PC you may not think beyond what you need for performance, portability, and space. A quiet and controlled computer is

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Color Coordinating Your Gaming PC Color Coordinating Your Gaming PC
Color Coordinating Your Gaming PC

Performance, portability, and memory are just a few words that come to one’s mind when thinking about custom computers, but isn’t there something missing in

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SVVR Recap SVVR Recap
SVVR Recap

One of the biggest virtual reality expos of the year wrapped up this past weekend where industry leaders such as NVIDIA and Noitom took the

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Vulkan Vulkan
What is Vulkan

What is Vulkan? In March of 2015, Khronos, a nonprofit member funded industry based in Beaverton, Oregon announced a tentative launch date for Vulkan. The

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PAX East 2016 PAX East 2016
PAX East 2016 Recap

One of our favorite gaming festivals has officially come to a close with no shortage of news, previews, and appealing video releases. PAX East, hosted

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