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AVA Virtual Reality: AVA Omni VR Desktop

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We were lucky enough back in 2014 to initiate a partnership with one of the most unique VR accessory companies that we’ve come across. Virtuix Omni designed a one of a kind gaming system that supports the vision of virtual reality that every consumer had in mind when it was first talked about. You want the ability to completely immerse yourself into a virtual world by just putting on a headset, but that is only half the battle, isn’t it? The ability to just see a different world is completely different than being able to interact in a new world. Virtuix Omni is the system that gives you the ability to control your movements as well as keep you completely immersed into the game you’re playing.

What is Virtuix Omni?

The Virtuix Omni is a first of its kind motion platform that functions as a treadmill with a harness on it. As an active VR platform, it puts the next step of VR into motion. Your actions in the virtual world are recorded through walking and running that create an unprecedented sense of immersion that cannot be experienced sitting down. It utilizes a low friction concavity that gives you the natural feel of running that no other accessory will offer. The endless features of the Omni between the shoes, tracking pods and software, harness, and more, give you the reassurance that you can play without the worry of a lag in gameplay or lack of safety. One other major feature of the Omni is its compatibility with almost every VR system out there. It has been used with both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive and has pumped out similar results on both.

What is the Desktop?

The AVA Omni VR Desktop was engineered and designed for the Virtuix Omni Gaming Platform. This desktop was configured with VR users at the forefront, providing a seamless gaming experience, offering optimal graphics capabilities, while achieving top tier 3D virtual reality gaming functionality. When we were able to capitalize on this partnership we made sure to also add in industry leading graphics cards to support the intensity of the Omni. We dedicated a GeForce® GTX 1080 Founders Edition with a DVI-D or HDMI graphics output that can run current generation 3D games at a 1080p resolution at a minimum 75fps.


Our friends at Digital Trends were able to have some time with the Omni this past year and write a full length review on it. They acknowledged one of the obvious concerns between your physical space and what the virtual world will allow you to do in that space to open their synopsis. From there, they noted that Virtuix has finally developed a system with a far more elegant solution than the motion sensing systems that have already been released.  As we said earlier, the Omni is compatible with pretty much every headset available, and Digital Trends marked that as one of the reasons it soars above its competitors.  Digital trends noted that the Omni comes for the surprisingly low price of $700 and that is for the entire bundle of accessories.


When you package together a great VR desktop and an industry revolutionizing accessory, it’s not hard to receive stellar results. The AVA Omni desktop supports the most popular VR games in the world, from Battlefield to Skyrim, and you can now immerse yourself with the entire experience pairing it with a Virtuix Omni.



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