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AVA Virtual Reality- Avatar

AVA Virtual Reality: Avatar

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We’ve talked about the best systems and consoles for Virtual Reality, the best ways to play them, and what is to come from them, but we haven’t truly specified how AVADirect has joined the movement. Over the past year or two we’ve developed partnerships to highlight our VR-Ready desktops, along with the awesome accessories that go along with them. While we were making all of these great deals we made sure to give AVA a VR Desktop/Notebook of our own, and that is where the Avatar made its initial appearance. After rave reviews and extreme traffic, we thought it was only right to give it the publicity it deserves. Here is a closer look at the Avatar VR desktop.

What’s in it?

The obvious first question when asking about any system is what exactly is in it. The sleek black case of the Avatar with an etched side panel shows you everything you need to see. Using the industry’s top hardware components, coupled with our standard testing to meet the rigorous VR hardware demands, the Avatar VR Desktop is here to bring the Virtual Reality experience to new heights. It comes loaded with an 850w Power Supply, an Intel Core i7-6700k Quad Core 4.0 GHz processor, and a 10-20% overclocking increase to maximize your performance. There are countless other options including interior and exterior upgrades. You can equip your system’s LEDs with the signature AVA blue, or make the computer your own with the custom 20-color LED Lighting remote, giving you endless possibilities of combinations. The Avatar in both the desktop and the notebook versions give you industry leading materials with the ability to customize the best system you can possibly have.

What’s different?

There are two very distinguishable aspects of the Avatar Desktop that place it into a class of its own. More than anything when looking for a VR ready system, you want the top of the line graphics card. Luckily, we’ve accommodated our system with the ability to hold TWO GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition graphics cards that will surely leave you with the most optimal gameplay that the market is able to offer. The other outstanding aspect that the Avatar offers is a CPU Liquid Cooled System. This feature is the state of the art defense your system needs to fend off any kind of overheating that may come your way.


Only about a month ago we were given the opportunity to have our friends over at CNET take a close look at how the Avatar performs under a real stress test. We were happy to hear that it performed up to the ability that we thought it would. After a more than pleasing introduction where reviewer, Dan Ackerman, stated “The bold-looking Avatar has VR-friendly features, including many front- and top-mounted ports. It’s easy to access the interior for upgrades.” he then jumped into the powerful performance exhibited by the Avatar. He mentioned that the Avatar topped out on the SteamVR performance test valve which indicates that it has more than the ability to handle the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. The Avatar held its own against 10 other VR desktops that were tested in a series of benchmarks, and did not drop out of the top half of the competition in any assessment.


The bottom line is that when you are looking for a high performance VR-Ready computer at a reasonable price, the Avatar is almost impossible to beat. Check out the rest of the VR systems we’ve had the opportunity to design here at AVA, and stay tuned for some insight on those in our next blog!

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