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Best Co-op PC games to play in 2022


Co-op is one of the best features in games, but we are seeing it less and less. Having the ability to play with your friends on PC game titles like Far Cry 6, Master Chief Collection, Portal 2, and so many more just enhance the experience. The laughs you get to share, the emotional scenes you feel sadness with, the hordes of bodies that lay in wake of you and your friend.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of my favorite games, due to its simplicity, art style, score, and variety of available play styles. Creating a farm from the ground up with a beat-up old piece of land is such a rewarding feeling. Build up a profitable farm, befriend the locals, fish, or destroy monsters and mine in the caves. Co-op just adds so much more to this title, having up to four people tag team the farm life. There are tons of chores to complete on the farm daily, or you and your friends can split up and each tackle a different aspect of the game. Stardew Valley provides such a relaxing time, but a fun time. Be sure to check this title out if you are in the market for a good co-op game. If you are gaming on PC, plenty of mods are available to further expand the story, but some may be wonky with multiplayer.

Diablo III

Diablo III is a classic, and the best you are going to get for the time while we wait for Diablo IV.  While it had a heck of a rocky launch, this is an essential co-op game to play on your gaming pc. Mowing down hordes of enemies, taking down powerful bosses on torment mode, collecting formidable loot. The different builds you can create, the hours of content in grinding for legendary gear. This title is a great couch co-op game and a great game to play with friends around the world.

It Takes Two (to play this game on pc)

While I have never played this game, it did win GOTY 2021. This game requires someone to play with you, as it does not have a single player option. The story behind this title is gut-wrenching at first, but the ending will bring a smile to your face. While the game can is fun for anyone to play together, the story does hint that the game is more geared towards couples. The creators of this game craftily included puzzles and level specific “powers” for each level, leaving you with a fresh set of gameplay each level. While this is an EA title, you will not be disappointed. This title is available on Xbox Game pass as well, so give it a download.

Portal 2

Do I really need to say anything about this title? One of the first games I’ve played on my gaming pc. No, I don’t. If you have not played this game, let alone with someone else.  Do it.  Like, right now.

Back 4 Blood

The spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood set out to achieve what the creators and developers intended to do – create a fast action, zombie filled, bloody four person coop experience.  While this does not fill the void of what Left 4 Dead 3 could have been, personally, it is certainly a great title with endless hours of fun with friends and fellow community members.  This title is on Xbox Game Pass, so if you have that service, give a download for some effortless fun.

Among Us

I want to come out and say that I personally dislike this game. Not that it is a bad game, by any means, it is just not my cup of tea. That does not mean it would not be your cup of tea. To this day, this is still a wildly popular game and is a guarantee fun time if you decide to play. The premise of this game – guess the killer. Simple. To the point. This title is available on Xbox Game pass as well, so give it a download.

Need a Gaming PC?

There are so many co-op titles out there, too many to list here.  While these are only some we would recommend, we would have to do a whole video to cover more surface on what we at AVADirect would recommend.  Co-op title allow the experience to be so much more than what single player can offer.  If you have friends that are PC gamers and would love to play some of these games and do not have a PC, we have you covered!  If you want to build a gaming PC but unsure about what graphics card can play what games, check out Instabuilder! Instabuilder is our gaming PC builder that automatically configures you a PC based on your most-played games and budget.

If you want hand pick every component in your PC, check out our gaming PC configurations. These allow full customization with over 600 case options and thousands of components with full brand transparency. Want the insider scoop on availability? Talk to our sales team! They can advise you on what we have on-hand for quick shipping PCs options.

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