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HDD vs SSD - What is SSD? HDD vs SSD - What is SSD?
SSD vs HDD: What is SSD?

Up until a few years ago when you were shopping for a computer there was just one characteristic defining the storage space: the number of

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What is RAID? What is RAID?
What is RAID?

If you’ve been doing research about computers, servers or workstations, you may have heard of RAID. But what is it, and do you need it?

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rugged laptops rugged laptops
Rugged laptops – Pushing it to The Limit

Imagine yourself being an archaeologist doing a research somewhere at the edge of the Earth, or maybe a construction engineer working hard by building a

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Windows 10 Windows 10
Great New Features in Windows 10

We sure are excited about Windows 10 here at AVADirect. To celebrate, we’d like to highlight some of our favorite features of this new operating

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servers servers
Servers at Home and in the Office

We all know what a server is, right? For the most part (given you’re reading this blog) we all understand that servers provide access to

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Digital Forensics Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics: Workstations and Servers

At AVADirect, some of the most powerful computers we build are workstations that provide solutions for digital forensics. You’ve probably seen such workstations used on

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Intel Core Vs Xeon Intel Core Vs Xeon
Intel Core Vs Xeon: Which is best?

How do you classify professional, or workstation-grade processors to the consumer from Intel? It is all about efficiency and saving time on the bottom line.

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