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Threadripper: The Quest for Performance

Looking back to the beginning of the millennium, consumers wanted a fast, single or dual-core chip that could force as many cycles through the processor

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WIFI Router WIFI Router
Wi-Fi Routers with Built in Anti-Virus

You may never have to buy Anti-Virus software again depending on what router you use at home. Companies are now adding Anti-Virus software to their routers to help you protect yourself from hackers.

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Intel Core i7 vs Xeon Intel Core i7 vs Xeon
Intel Core i7 vs Xeon

One of the most common questions that we receive when configuring a high end custom PC is whether to go with a Core I7 or a comparable Xeon processor. What is really the difference between an I7 and Xeon, and why does it seem so hard to choose between the two?

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What an SSD Can Do for You

  A traditional hard drive (HDD) has several components to it. There is a metal disc with a magnetic coating that stores the data. It

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