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Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive
Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive

2016 is the year of Virtual Reality. There are a number of companies that are working hard to enter the VR world and create competitive consumer

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System requirements for VR Virtual Realty Oculus Rift System requirements for VR Virtual Realty Oculus Rift
System Requirements for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technologies and their practical applications are becoming more and more popular. At the dawn of its development, the equipment was bulky, complex to

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AVA Sixense VR Desktop AVA Sixense VR Desktop
Virtual Reality – More than a Fad

At AVADirect we are excited about the future of virtual reality. Other recent trends in the entertainment electronics space, like 3D, have faded and become

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Sensorama, the first VR experience Sensorama, the first VR experience
The History of Virtual Reality

In the modern world, computer and information technologies are rapidly developing. But if the future of conventional computer hardware and software that we use in

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Pioneering Virtual Reality Hardware

Let’s face it — GPU’s can output more detail and enhance the PC experience on many levels. Whether your playing, rendering, creating, editing… it augments

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Virtuix Omni - virtual reality Virtuix Omni - virtual reality
Virtual Reality Peripherals

If you’ve had a chance to experience a virtual reality headset already, you can rightfully say that the graphics are there… personally, my mind started

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virtual reality virtual reality
Virtual Reality is Finally Reality

It’s mind-blowing considering how far we’ve come — well… technology as a whole, but that’s common knowledge. I’m talking specifically about Virtual Reality (VR). You strap

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