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Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 confirmed for E3 2019


Techland is ready to show off their long-awaited sequel. 

Techland has confirmed through a tweet that they will be featuring Dying Light 2 at E3 2019. The tweet goes on to say that Dying Light 2 will be their “most ambitious” title yet.

What to expect

This claim isn’t hard to believe considering there has been a greater focus on writing. The team has included Chris Avellone on the project. His work on RPG classics like Fallout: New Vegas brings unique experience to the table. Expect heavily weighted choices that will drastically change the way Dying Light 2 looks and feels. With writers from the Witcher 3’s Bloody Baron questline on board as well, this game has the potential to feel much more alive than its predecessors.

Presumably, the E3 showcase will feature more gameplay. At this time, the only thing there is to go on is the release trailer from E3 2018. That video confirmed the return of the parkour mechanics that characterized the first game. It ended with a teaser about the different, more powerful zombies that only come out at night. This year’s showcase will likely elaborate on the enemies that will be encountered.

Dying Light 2 has a lot of potential to capitalize on Ray Tracing technology. Few games have featured NVIDIA’s technology, but for a game that uses lighting as a foundation mechanic, it can be indispensable to the experience. Because of that, those playing on a custom gaming PC will once again have the advantage over console users.

The big question is always the same on every hype train – when does it release? Previous reports were that the game will be ready in 2019, but there is some doubt surrounding that belief now. It is very likely that the release date will be made public at E3, so there shouldn’t be long to wait.

Looking back – Dying Light

For those that aren’t familiar with the original, Dying Light is a Zombie apocalypse game with an emphasis on crafting and RPG elements. Based on the game play of its mechanical predecessor, Dead Island, the game also added a parkour system that gave more character to the endless fleeing from enemies that zombie games typically employ.

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