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Pioneering Virtual Reality Hardware

Virtual Reality

Let’s face it — GPU’s can output more detail and enhance the PC experience on many levels. Whether your playing, rendering, creating, editing… it augments the information to enhance the visual experience. Virtual Reality (VR) gaming has evolved to unbelievable heights and it is here to stay– VR headgear providers have started to roll out progressive technological updates, constantly. seemingly on a weekly basis.

The AVADirect team recently announced our pioneering VR hardware configuration in the AVA Omni VR Desktop. Our newly established partnership with industry leaders in VR peripherals, Virtuix Omni

To those not familiar with the Virtuix Omni gaming system — here’s a brief rundown.

The Omni is a bowl shaped, multi-directional treadmill that uses a low friction platform to simulate the motion of walking, jogging, or running synced with in-game character movement. The platform requires special footware featuring wireless sensors that emulate the movement of the character in the game. The user is fastened into  enclosed within a ring that works as a safety harness to absorb the player’s weight.

The Virtuix enables gamers to fully immerse themselves in the digital world, and AVADirect provides the optimal hardware to bring the experience full circle.


For the first time, our team took part in one of the keynote gaming industry events at #GDC2015 exhibiting hand-in-hand with Virtuix Omni. The buzz surrounding the Virtuix/AVA booth was undeniable and a great showcase to our pioneering


The AVA Omni VR Desktop launched just last week in as our first AVADirect Signature Series, and it’s already received gleaming reviews around the tech industry highlighting our VR specific gaming desktop.

To be honest, I’m super impressed in what AVADirect has done here. They haven’t just slapped together a PC with a video card that is capable of 1080p at 75FPS minimum, they have specifically chosen each part to match the other. Everything is mixed together in a green-and-black color scheme just like the Virtuix Omni, and NVIDIA hardware. On top of that, you’re getting a stress-tested system that ensures ultimate stability, with a price that will not break that VR presence.” – Anthony Garreffa, TweakTown


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