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Rugged Laptops: The Best for America's Finest

Rugged Laptops: The Best for America’s Finest

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Veteran’s Day is a time to thank our troops for all of the hard work that they have done for our country. Each year we spend a day to remember those we’ve lost and those who are still among us. AVADirect has worked closely with the United States Armed Forces for over a decade, and we would like to take a moment to thank all veterans for their services and hard work in all branches of the government. In order to do what they do, they need the best equipment possible, including the most durable laptops on the market – The Rugged Laptop.

Military using Rugged Laptop
Rugged Laptops are laptops that are specifically designed to make it through the toughest environments with the best performance. They aren’t just for the military, though. Engineers, architects, emergency responders and industrial professionals use these types of laptops across the globe to produce the best work in the field. In order to give their best, they need to have the best. Rugged laptops were designed out of necessity in an increasingly mobile world. Taking your precious laptop into the field was beginning to show dramatic risks of losing months of research. Thus, rugged laptops were designed from the inside out for the best performance and power while on the job, no matter where in the world you are.

Uses for Rugged Laptops:

Rugged laptops are used by the toughest professionals out there. Our military uses them in the field to improve communication speed and efficiency, weapon systems development, reconnaissance and administration while overseas. Emergency Responders use these laptops for similar things, but also for monitoring high stress situations from a distance, like a hostage or bomb threat. On a less dangerous scale, engineers will use rugged laptops to smooth the production process, or to edit their designs on site. Archaeologists might use their laptop to log artifacts that they have found, or conduct more research about what they are looking for. Whatever the use, rugged laptops offer a unique value that consumer laptops can’t supply for America’s best.

Rugged Laptops are used across many industries across the globe.

What Makes Them Rugged?

To start, rugged laptops have an intense case. This gives the most protection from the outside elements that it may come up against. Some cases are sealed, including the keyboard to keep water and hazardous liquids out. Others have drainage systems built in so that water can’t get trapped inside the system. Most rugged laptops are made out of a magnesium alloy for extreme strength and durability in a laptop. Internally, components are often specially mounted to provide the most shock resistance and protection from vibration, or to resist extreme temperatures.
Normal consumer laptops and devices do not have the sustainability to fight even the simplest accidents, like a phone falling out of your pocket. This makes consumer products inferior to the rugged bunch. Consumer companies have been trying to make their products more durable, but they still do not come close to the performance of the rugged class.

Made from the best materials rugged laptops are extremely durable.

Types of Rugged Laptops:

There are three classes of rugged laptops in the rugged industry. The Business Rugged laptops are best utilized outside the office. They don’t offer nearly as much protection as the other two classes, but are more durable than ordinary laptops. The second class is the Semi-Rugged. This is the middle ground for industrial professionals, are certified and compliant with international standards. Finally, the top dog – The Fully Rugged Laptops. These are the top of the line laptops that offer the most protection and resistance against any environment. Fully Rugged laptops battle water, spills, drops, changes in air pressure, vibration, and extreme temperatures with ease. Against all conditions, fully rugged laptops offer the most protection and performance in the field.


Advancements in Rugged Laptops:

Rugged laptops look a little outdated, but the companies that manufacture them are constantly innovating ways to make them better. These advancements are helping laptops to slim down and become lighter weight, the biggest complaint from customers. In addition, man-made materials such as the magnesium alloys found in many rugged devices are enhancing the strength and durability of the devices across the board. Also, computer parts are performing better and faster than ever, contributing to the overall performance of the rugged laptops. In time, it’s possible that many consumer laptops will become more durable, blurring the line between rugged and consumer even more. In addition, advancements will continue to push rugged laptops to the limits in performance and looks.

Rugged Laptop from AVADirect

AVADirect has been providing America’s military with the very best computers for over a decade. We’re helping them so they can continue to help us every day. AVADirect offers a dozen rugged laptops to fit even the highest demand in protection and performance regardless of what field you’re battling in. Check out our products here.
Happy Veteran’s Day!

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