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radeonrebels radeonrebels
Radeon RX 500 Series- Is It For You?

Just a few short weeks ago, AMD unveiled their new Radeon RX 500 series cards.  These mid-range cards help to make gaming machines affordable for

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Bottlenecking Bottlenecking
Stop the Bottlenecking!

Imagine this: You’re sitting at your computer, you’ve just opened your new game and put it in your system. You turn the game on, load

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Learn how Liquid Cooling Helps your gaming PC Learn how Liquid Cooling Helps your gaming PC
Liquid Cooling 101

Computers all have a common enemy, and some people spend their existence trying to battle it– Heat. When computers are turned on and humming through

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Upgrading Your PC Upgrading Your PC
Upgrading Your PC: Do’s and Don’ts

The explosion of technology in the industry has created many opportunities and challenges for PC Gamers. Not only do new games come out, but new

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Future Proof Your PC Future Proof Your PC
Protect Your PC Against the Future

Technology is advancing faster than anyone could have ever imagined, and it makes building the ultimate, long-lasting gaming PC difficult. Obsolescence is a HUGE problem

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NVIDIA v. AMD Naming Schemes NVIDIA v. AMD Naming Schemes
Graphics Cards Naming Schemes Explained

Alright, let’s talk graphics cards. For those that are new to computer lingo, it can be it difficult to understand the differences and reasoning behind

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