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Unboxing New AVADirect Custom PC

Unboxing Your New AVADirect Custom PC


How to unbox your custom PC with AVADirect

Congratulations on bringing home your new AVADirect Custom Computer, and thank you for choosing us as your custom PC assembler! We hope you enjoy your new gaming PC, mini PC, workstation, or server! The guide below will take you through safely unboxing your PC and prepping it for setup.

When you open your box, you’ll find an accessory box, the box of your chosen computer case, and your PC filled with custom pink foam molding.

box with custom computer

NOTE: AVADirect highly recommends keeping all packaging material. This will allow for safe shipping and transportation should you ever move or need to ship your PC to our support team.  

After opening your box and removing the accessory box, you must remove your computer case box. This box is what contains your PC. The accessory box is filled with all the extra cables, bits, and pieces from the components used to assemble your PC. There should be nothing needed in there to start your PC, but it may be helpful if you ever wish to expand or install your own storage. 

remove your computer case box

Your fully assembled PC is snugly packed away in this box. Carefully remove the PC and styrofoam materials. 

Separate the PC from the styrofoam

Separate the PC from the styrofoam and place it on your desk or designated PC area. We recommend keeping them off the floor/carpet to ensure proper airflow to the power supply unit. 

Separate the PC from the package

Remove the side panel from your new custom PC. Each PC will have a unique method of removing the side panel. If you have any questions, you can reference the case manual included in your accessory box or contact our support team, who will guide you through the process. 

Remove the side panel

Gently remove the pink foam molding from the inside of the PC. This foam is molded to the unique interior of your PC. It will be snug but should be able to be removed with some very gentle wiggling while pulling outwards towards yourself. 

remove the pink foam

Another friendly reminder to keep all packing materials, including styrofoam and pink foam. These should fit snugly in the case box and can be stashed away in the attic for future use. The pink mold is custom-fitted for your PC and offers the best protection during movement. 

friendly reminder to keep all packing materials

Replace the side panel on your PC after ensuring all cables look and feel connected. These can very occasionally come loose during shipping. 

Congrats! Your new PC is unpackaged and ready to be plugged in. The power cord will be found in your accessory box, and be sure to plug in your VGA/HDMI/Display Port cord into the graphics card port and not the motherboard.

Plug in the rest of your peripherals, and you’re ready to boot up and game! Congrats on your new PC and on completing the setup! Next up, activating windows on your new AVADirect PC

If you have any questions regarding your new custom PC, our support team is available via phone, email, and livechat during our usual business hours. 

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