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Upcoming Games of 2016

Upcoming Games of 2016

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This year is shaping up to be an amazing year for gaming. With so many titles on the horizon, you may need to pick and choose which ones you decide to pick up right when they release. In order to help you decide which games you absolutely have to have, we are breaking down our list of the Top 5 games that we’re most excited about for 2016.

No Man’s Sky

I can’t remember the last time that I have been more blown away by a games concept than I am with No Man’s Sky. The scope of this game is incredible, and it is easily the largest game ever made, with 18 quintillion planets for players to explore. By piloting a spaceship seamlessly through the universe from planet to planet, players are able to explore different solar systems and discover new life forms endlessly. On top of being conceptually bold, the game is absolutely beautiful, and I can not wait for this game to be release in June.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

In Horizon: Zero Dawn you play as a young woman in a harsh post-apocalyptic world. With only primitive equipment, you are left to bow hunt robotic dinosaurs in order to survive. If that hasn’t sold you on this title, then this gameplay trailer absolutely will.


Doom has absolutely earned its mature rating. Bethesda released a gameplay trailer, and the game looks incredible. If you’re a fan of excessive, graphic violence, then you absolutely need to pick this game up when it releases in May.

Dark Souls III

The grand finale to this legendary action-RPG franchise has a lot to live up to, with its predecessors being such huge successes. Dark Souls III incorporates faster combat mechanics with this installment, so it will be interesting to see how the game play feels. The few bosses I’ve seen are massive, aggressive, and, in terms of artistic design, gorgeous.

The Last Guardian

There is a lot of excitement about this last pick.  Following eight years in development and radio silence on its progress for the last three years, Sony announced that The Last Guardian would be released in 2016 at last year’s E3, and the hype train has been building up steam ever since. There’s not a ton of information on the storyline and game play as of yet, but with so much time going into the development, the expectations are pretty high.

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