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Why gamers are transitioning into PC gaming?

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Let’s be honest – the current state of gaming is rough. With Redfall being a big disaster, Diablo 4 getting slammed, components going up in price in the PC world, games being delayed, and the list goes on. However, more and more people are transitioning into PC gaming despite allocation and pricing issues. Why is that? Well, there are many reasons for the jump, and many of them are justifiable. PCs offer a wide range of customizability, performance, and have a wider variety of uses than a typical gaming console. Many customers are opting for mini PCs which supply the same performance as a tower desktop PC but take up the size of a console.

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Mini Gaming PCs – Is a custom mini PC right for you?

While we can go out and buy Xbox’s, PlayStations, and Nintendo Switches, building a mini gaming PC can give you all those consoles and more combined. Allowing the portability of placing it anywhere and the sleek and compact design of consoles these days. With wireless keyboards, mice, controllers, and software such as Steam’s big picture mode, you do not need to go out and spend a lot on a high-end monitor when your tv will do just the job for your mini gaming PC. Customization of your components in your mini PC is big as well, allowing you to get what you need and not having a set list of specifications as you do with consoles. 

Aesthetics – Build a custom gaming PC that’s your room!

You can get wraps for console, but that is not the same thing as getting a custom-made mini gaming PC case that is pink, and spoiler alert – we offer pink mini PCs!  RGB, mini displays integrated into your case, the ability to see everything in action are all things that gamers want these days. I am not big on the RGB, but that does not mean others aren’t. Custom etched panels, decals, and more are just some options when building a PC or a mini gaming PC. You can also opt for custom water cooled PC in hardline, copper, or softline tubing for the best cooling experience that money can buy. Also, looking at the number of options you have in terms of colors, bends, and components is aesthetically pleasing.

Games- PC gaming has a lot of variety… and mods.

As I stated in the opening, the state of games is…. rough. However, PC gaming allows a wider possibility for games, new and old, that will not let you down. There are also communities out there that make unofficial patches to help fix games with problems that developers haven’t fixed. Personally, I also prefer using a mouse and keyboard while playing certain games. The catalog of games on PC beat the console market by a longshot as you have access to every game known to man with the ability to emulate titles. You also do not need to pay for subscriptions to play games online (MMOs do not count) such as PS+ and Xbox Live. That has always been like that for those consoles, but not on PC. I have never been a fan of having a paywall to play games online with your friends, and PC gaming isn’t either.

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We could go on and on about why gamers are jumping ship, but we would be here all day. The three reasons above are three big ones in my opinion. Are you looking into getting into PC gaming? Looking for a mini gaming PC? A pink gaming PC?  Check out our colorful Blissful PCs for the pink mini gaming PC if that interests you. You can also use Instabuilder, our easy PC builder tool to do all the work by answering a few questions to meet your PC gaming needs. Know what you want? You can use our configurator to piece together all the parts you need for your PC build… need help? Reach out to our awesome sales team, who can help guide you through every step of getting the gaming PC, mini gaming PC, or workstation of your dreams!

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